Why Choose an RICS Chartered Surveyor?

Why Choose an RICS Chartered Surveyor?

Monday 26th October 2020

Whether you're a first-time buyer or a long-term owner, consulting with a surveyor and having a home survey completed is a necessary step in getting to know the property you are buying.

The question naturally follows: Why an RICS chartered surveyor?

The Royal Institue of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

The RICS is a world leading professional body for setting and enforcing international standards for surveyors in Land, Property, Infrastructure and Construction. Surveyors that hold RICS qualification and membership must adhere to the absolute highest levels of quality reporting and professionalism. RICS accredited Surveyors are the gold standard of the surveying world.

Real Estate deals are often the single largest and most complex purchases of a person's life. Having an RICS accredited professional perform a survey of the property gives you the peace of mind that the both the survey and the report are being performed to the highest possible standards.

What does an RICS Chartered Surveyor do?

An RICS surveyor will inspect the condition of the property you are about to buy or own. The survey will attempt to uncover hazards, defects, faults and structural problems with the property, for example - damp or subsidence. The goal of the surveyor is to identify issues that the buyer or owner should be aware of so that they have the full picture when making important decisions about their property.

The most popular Services of an RICS Chartered Surveyor are the RICS Homebuyer Report and the RICS Building Survey - both provide independent, regulated guidance from an insured property expert that you can trust.

In order to become an RICS chartered surveyor a professional must undergo rigorous training and follow and maintain a strict code of conduct while carrying out their inspections. In order to remain a regulated member of RICS a surveyor should keep up to date with the latest training and commit to continuous professional development to ensure that they are adhering to the high standards set by the RICS.

How will an RICS chartered surveyor help?

The surveyors report could potentially save you tens of thousands of pounds if serious building defects are discovered. A property survey can be an excellent time to renegotiate the asking price to cover the cost of repairs that are uncovered by the survey.

If the survey doesn't uncover any major issues, you can move into your new home with peace of mind, confident that there are no nasty - and costly - surprises waiting for you.

Ultimately, when you have a survey performed by an RICS surveyor, you're not purchasing information, you're purchasing the ability to act with certainty, knowing that the next steps you take in your property journey are backed by an experienced, chartered professional.